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Repainting Your House: How to Get Started

One of the best home improvements to invest in is a repaint. After a few years, the paint covering different parts of your house will show signs of wear. Repainting some or all parts of the house will bring its original beauty back; since the cost of repainting a property is relatively affordable, this is certainly a home improvement you would want to consider. To get started, you need to get an estimate from a reputable contractor.

Once you have several options in hand, contact all of them and get estimates. Estimates are non-binding and will be given for free by reputable contractors. Compare estimates closely, taking the scope of the job and other details into consideration, before deciding to hire the best contractor for the job.
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How to install Chair Rails
Posted on February 20, 2013

Chair rails are not only highly practical, as they protect walls against potential damage from carelessly pushed back chairs; they also add definition to sophisticated, elegant spaces. Here is how to install them with ease.

Paper, paint or panel the walls first, as this is easier than trying to work around the moulding. Select a suitable moulding (must be appropriate for positioning at wall’s mid-height and lie relatively flat against your wall), then determine the required position (height) of the rail, considering the following factors: